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Corporate culture is the embodiment of an enterprise’s overall strength. It is a reflection of the degree of civilization of an enterprise, and it is also the source of transformation of the productivity of a knowledge form into a material form of productivity. Sunho Pharmaceuticals is committed to rooting corporate culture in the hearts of every employee. We always adhering to the company philosophy of “beyond ourselves and creating Development” and vigorously promote the entrepreneurial spirit of “integrity, unity, harmony, pioneering, innovation, and honor”. The company promotes the company’s image through a variety of methods, displaying the company’s achievements and employees’ Self-initiated, announced the information that is deeply concerned by employees, attracted the attention of customers and employees, and enriched the corporate culture. We actively organize various sports activities, developments and cultural events. The activities have promoted the relationship between employees, revitalized the work atmosphere, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees. There are plans to arrange training in corporate culture, education, training, and corporate management in stages, enhance employees’ awareness of corporate culture, and promote the cohesiveness of the company.


Corporate culture construction is an important and long-term strategic task. For the construction and development of the corporate culture of the company, we have established a corporate culture leadership group to strengthen leadership, and the company’s leaders have served as the main leaders to enhance the appeal. At the same time, it also helps to build a good corporate culture based on the company’s overall strategy. To guide the role. For the company's corporate culture construction and development, we will continue to work hard, persevere and persevere. We will also actively explore the new laws of corporate culture in the current situation, and build a cultural system that meets the needs of the times, meets the needs of modern enterprise systems, and meets the need for higher personalization, and creates a core competitiveness for the company and improves the economic and social benefits of the company. A good cultural atmosphere and a powerful source of strength. For the company to realize the vision of becoming an outstanding international advanced  generic drug service provider and make unremitting efforts!