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Peers of Lizhu Group visit Guangdong Sunho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for cooperation and exchange


On December 27, 2017, Zhuhai Lizhu Group visited our company to negotiate cooperation on MAH projects.

The Zhuhai Lizhu Group was led by Dr. Jin of the Ministry of Scientific Research. A total of 9 people came to our company, accompanied by Zhang Ming, Li Xiaoan, deputy general manager of Sunho Pharmaceuticals, and Li Jie, quality attorney. At 10:30 in the morning, in the company's conference room, the two companies introduced themselves. The meeting was chaired by Li Xiaoan, deputy general manager. The company’s latest promotional video was first displayed, showing the scale, culture, and development direction of the company. Afterwards, according to the company's production variety, specifications, facilities, and advantages for each workshop of the company, Mr. Li made a comprehensive introduction to the visitors in the form of PPT, which included a small-volume liquid injection solution, a freeze-dried powder injection production line and an oral solid preparation production line. , covering the production of oncology drugs, controlled-release preparations, and production lines that comply with the US FDA and EU EMA standards, demonstrating the company's development direction and advantages. Lizhu peers earnestly listened to Li’s introduction to Sunho  Pharmaceuticals. During the exchange process, they continuously discussed and communicated issues in terms of production capacity, process control, registration application, national MAH system analysis, and quality management. In conjunction with the products to be collaborated, a detailed discussion and research will be conducted, and both parties can reach a consensus on the process.