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2018 Annual Training Session Was Successfully Completed


From ancient times to the present, mankind has been gradually summing up experience, discovering, inventing, creating, progressing, and gradually developing today. Summing up is a step in guiding and promoting each work. Only when there are conclusions will there be improvement, will there be progress. On a large scale, summarizing can provide an important basis for the country to formulate various routes, guidelines, and policies; from the position of  individuals or enterprises, the summary is to continuously improve the level of thinking and business strategy as well as the management.

In order to strengthen the ideological awareness of work summaries, standardize summary writing methods, and improve the ability to make plans rationally, Sunho  Pharmaceuticals held a summary and plan on how to write work at the Beijing headquarters from March 3rd to 4th, 2018. The theme of the new year "win in management" series of training, led by trainer Liang Yongceng . The company's main leaders and middle and senior management personnel attended training sessions.


Photo taken by participants and training teachers

Yong-Chun Leung’s  professional lecture

Stopping to look back is to go further. Life is a constant challenge. Every node must learn to review after it has just finished. Find problems early and correct them early. Whether the challenges of the previous stage have responded well or not, inventoryed themselves and stopped to look back. Using history as a mirror, you can learn about the rise and fall. After summing up the past, you can understand the gains and losses; take the lead in the car, and learn from the past; look back and look forward to the future.

Participants listen carefully and learn records

Discuss the Implementation of the training contents.

Relax between classes.

Through a two-day intensive training process, all participants were fully reaped. From the understanding of summing up, summing up elements, planning, and key points in the implementation, we conducted in-depth learning and profoundly understood that doing a good job review and drawing up a sound work plan will ensure the smooth progress of the work and guarantee the quality of work. The importance of accomplishing performance goals. We will effectively formulate performance assessment mechanisms, improve management processes, enhance customer value, self-learning and growth, innovative sentiment sharing, and an efficient execution culture for future work.


We believe that through continuous learning and learning from work, implementation, review, and adjustment, we will surely improve our work, enhance self-worth, realize corporate value, and better serve others and serve our customers. By adopting active management measures, fully displaying each individual's talents and effectively exerting the company's core strengths, it will surely realize the company's vision of becoming an outstanding international advanced generic drug service company!